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  1. Past hour
  2. Thanks man
  3. It's looking good Mad!
  4. Thanks @MadMcardle:)
  5. To our active and dedicated DeathBearGaming We, reposing especial trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage, and good conduct, do by these presents constitute and appoint you to the rank of Sergeant First Class May I be the first to congratulate you on your promotion. MadMcardle, General of the Army, [BC] Binary Combat
  6. Forgot to mention, great video @TikTac'tical
  7. Today
  8. OK so I think I am happy with this now, always trying to improve etc so will see what next month brings
  9. It's starting to take shape nicely, Mad!
  10. Let me know what you think guys, I will try to improve it if I can but remember I am no pro lol. Colours etc are an easy fix, also just a reminder that this is not finished, it's just to show you what I have so far for some feedback
  11. Thank you Mr Shadow! o7
  12. ah okay Thanks tho
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hell yes!
  15. Done, it used to just be the link button but must of changed it lol
  16. ...I suppose I should get mine going too...
  17. CLASSIFIED OPERATION: Unknown Outbreak OPERATIVES REQUIRED: ALL Brief HQ has lost comms with a CLASSIFIED chemical research facility NORTH of Chernarus, which was used to for the research of volatile and Extremely Dangerous Substances such as Azidoazide Azide, Small Pox and modified substances like substance N. We are not sure what has happened but Tech has managed to gain access to one of the main facility's Camera audio, we are not sure what it is or how it came about but one thing for certain is the C.C.R.S will need to be deployed for this operation due to the amount of chemicals stored in this facility. Unknown Camera Sound.mp3 Operatives will need to be air dropped half a klick south east of the facility due to the coverage of trees, once dropped operatives will need to make there way up to the facility, gain access and upload the data from the computers from the past 6 months. If operatives encounter the thing recorded, orders are to shoot on site NO EXCEPTIONS. Once all orders have been carried return to the drop off point for extraction. Regards General Valery Gerasimov Head of the Russian military
  18. Yes it is haha Thank you! Aaaand you can still link images @MadMcardle, nothing's changed: double-click on the image for more options and replace the link url with the desired one.
  19. so be it ill give ya it next time!
  20. I'll buy it man no probs! 400
  21. Last week
  22. managed to bag myself an SVD with the pso-1 scope and a couble of mags with it |(full) and ghillie wrap included (optional) on offical server, 350cp (400cp including ghillie)
  23. I swear you used to be able to link images but now I can't, will look in to this more this week guys, sorry about that. Also well done @Shadow Dee for making it in the SR, I just realised I never actually said that to you, my bad. That's the second time now is it not?
  24. Another way is to clip the "mark site as read" on the bar, this will clear everything. I may look in to this and maybe change permissions.
  25. On the mainpage click on the speechbubble icon next to the thread that says "new".
  26. Just wanted to know if theres another possible way to mark topics as read? Goig through then so i know whats new but on some of then i cant get acess die to it being sponsers of staff files, but still says its new, any idea how to stop that or could u implement a mark as read box to click on?
  27. Cheers man
  28. Great news delivered best as always.
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