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DayZ Server Renewal
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  1. Last week
  2. Successful hatchet run Had a really good hatchet run on customs tonight. Went in with only a hatchet and came back with all the other loot on me. Made a pretty sneaky ninja kill as well. It was a rainy wheather and the victim, a scav player, was kneeling, looting a body on the ground. I sneaked up on him, he didn't notice me. TSCHACK! TSCHACK! Two hatchet hits where enough to put him down. EDIT: And btw, I slowly made it out with a broken leg and no painkillers, got shot at the silos. But the shooter never came back for me.
  3. Nice one! Wish i was there cant wait to do more runs
  4. sounds good man. I'll try to hop on as many streams from Mad as possible. I'll be on tonight for example.
  5. @Shadow Dee ye i really want the game but like i said in the stream i got my pc but now dont have alot of cash to buyy the game im going to seel some trash i dont need and get the game and hopefully watch some more of your streams
  6. Yeah it was pretty good @.:Msk:. Mute as far as I was involved, I'm enjoying this game alot myself recently. Was definitely worth the pay.
  7. awww wish i watched the stream earlier im going to get this game hopefully the stream last night was dope
  8. When your tying to sort some gear out and some geared guys stroll by...
  9. Making friends Hey everyone, I have something truly pure and beautiful to share with you! It was my last raid in EfT tonight, I just went in for a quick hatchet run on Factory. Then I saw a fully geared guy come towards me, I just backed away a bit and did nothing. He also did nothing. Then he started wiggling, I did the same. It seemed that he already saw trust in me. He shot one or two others who suddenly approached us, but still spared my life. Then he wiggled again, I replied the same. We did that constantly a few times, to retain our trust and confidence. He went on looting the boddies and came back, giving me his Saiga, a tactical vest and a PACA body armor. That alone already made me speechless. So we kept on sparing each others lifes and watch our backs while looting. And that all without VOIP, just by wiggling and nodding! Then after a few minutes he stopped and gave me his mountain backpack, his helmet and a Grizzly! His backpack contained a MP-153 shotgun, another Saiga, and an AKM with 4 extra 10rnd mags and two grenades. At that point I simply couldn't believe my luck. We went on, he killed a bunch other players/scavs, I looted a few, got a PM pistol from one and an MBSS backpack and another tactical vest frome others. Then we already went to the extraction point and we both successfully extracted while wiggling and nodding to each other. It was an outstanding experience to make a friend in a PvP oriented game without being able to talk or type. But it's a real shame I didn't record this one. I have a few screenshots for you tho. The first one was after he already gave me all his stuff and we looted a few boddies. The second shows our successful extraction. And in the last one you can see everything he gave me. It's a shame I couldn't get his name as it wasn't possible in any way. VOIP would've definitely helped with that. Until the next friendly encounter. Your shadow ...
  10. Oh boi, what a shocker.
  11. @DeathBearGaming I know you wanted to see this! Watch Them Damn Hatchlings from MadMcardle on
  12. Good news all around! Really excited bout it.
  13. Hey mike, We have a Discord. There we have a member-only chat-room in Barracks called "looking_to_play". Be sure to check it out. When you're in our Discord make sure to hit me, or another online Mod, up to give you the permissions of a member.
  14. Do we have a generic team speak to join so we can find players to play games with ? cheers mike
  15. Earlier
  16. sounds cool man
  17. Lol thanks princess!
  18. Sounds good buddy here to the new year of BC *raises my pint of stella and hands u an orange juice*
  19. Hey guys, I just wanted to bring you up to date with some plans I have for BC as a whole as we near the end of 2017. There will not be any Operations for November or December, the reason for this is as starting a new job I lost a few weeks due to training so was a little behind with things, so I will finish the Venom medal but then start work on new medals and awards to kick off 2018, this way I hope to stay ahead a little should anything else crop up. The website will be updating it's software towards the end of December, there will be some changes and some new things coming, such as Squads and Tournaments, so expect some downtime towards the end of December for this, with the new stuff going live 1st of January 2018. I WILL have all ranks and staff positions finalised with perks/duties assigned by the end of the year. S.O.G. members will have more to it in 2018, you'll want to make sure you have those tags Sponsors packages will be overhauled with new forum specific features, this will no longer include TeamSpeak/Discord channels, it cannot be synced at this time and chasing up channels members should be able to access is pretty time consuming. TeamSpeak will be closing at the end of the year, with Discord being our sole VOIP, more channels and features to follow. Member Of The Month will be more rewarding in 2018. Operations/Events will cycle through divisions, at this time they have mainly been for DayZ. BC Stream Team will officially start in 2018, there will be requirements for this. We will be using our Youtube channel to share members videos from their channels, helping to promote content. All in all, lets enjoy the next few weeks and Christmas, spend some time with family and loved ones and then hit 2018 running!
  20. Some really juicy info this week guys, hardcore mode confirmed!
  21. Trade complete, please don't forget to leave each other feedback!
  22. Want to buy an m4 if anyone has
  23. Another great SR! And big congratz to our fellow @TikTac'tical for his community feature! You really did an amazing job with that one. > TikTac's video <
  24. Ah good to know!
  25. There are certainly more staff positions, administrators and division officers are the next ones coming, then right up the top is the JCOS, Joint Chief of Staff, like a council of co-leaders. We're quite far off from that at the moment though lol.
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