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  3. duno if u liked the older movie with robin wiliams ( a legend) but heres new one ( a reboootttt)
  4. All I have at the moment is the alpha ETA, I am working on another video for Saturday though with some tasty bits
  5. Do they have a development timeline eg is there a planned release date? It does look interesting. Not sure I'd be up for another alpha game experience though
  6. Answering some common questions here
  7. ok tnx for the response
  8. As far as I was able to gather information, Dead Matter is their first game @tisho.
  9. what is the devs' history anyone with previous experience?
  10. Umm i think that could lead to a lot of possible cheating, but then again I am not a developer lol
  11. What could be an idea (not sure of plausibility though)... is for the devs to get together, create a transfer engine, so characters could move inter-game, and so have different maps, like immigration
  12. It looks like what DayZ could be....
  13. Yes... yes I am, I'll have 4 spare alpha keys too
  14. It looks good... anyone here backing the game?
  15. 1.What are the devs' plan about the game (optimization,game modes,crafting etc.) 2.What is the game's difference from the other survival games?
  16. If you have any questions about the game post them here guys, I am gathering as much detail as I can and making a database
  17. Ok so Started making up my base with a V3S up my tisy for quick looting sessions Suppose we all have to start somewhere
  18. Earlier
  19. Yeah it's a good way to work as a team, if you are on your own obviously it doesn't really matter you just shoot everyone lol
  20. Thanks for the tip man! Was stupid that we didn't do that. But that's how DayZ is: unforgiving.
  21. the ammo was provided by @Shadow Dee best .357 on the market and about the statement sorry my information was wrong
  22. To our active and dedicated STE4MTE4RS We, reposing especial trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage, and good conduct, do by these presents constitute and appoint you to the rank of Specialist May I be the first to congratulate you on your promotion. MadMcardle, General of the Army, [BC] Binary Combat
  23. BC emote is LIVE! 

  24. I can see the pictures bud but that wouldn't tell me if you found ammo etc Remember dude, there is probably 1 other person on the server that is friendly, if you were playing with your brother it was probably him lol one person loot whilst the other does overwatch is the best tactic if playing in pairs I find @tisho you make some bold statements, but this is not true man, he was never going to see DayZ through to the end, he sold his mod to BI which is who develop it. He has his own company making his own games.
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