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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
KenRael KenRael 05/29/2017 Nice easy trade as always with Ken, came to my meeting place too MadMcardle MadMcardle
MadMcardle MadMcardle 05/29/2017 Trading with Mad is always good. Trade went well. Thank you. KenRael KenRael
MadMcardle MadMcardle 05/29/2017 As always, a pleasure doing business... Sale went well, Mad always comes through. KenRael KenRael
Shadow Dee Shadow Dee 05/22/2017 Shadow Dee is one cool cat buzzburke88 buzzburke88
buzzburke88 buzzburke88 05/22/2017 Thank you for this easy and slick trade! I highly recommend trading with this guy. Shadow Dee Shadow Dee
Shadow Dee Shadow Dee 05/10/2017 Thank you for an easy trade, and I hope you enjoy the items. Good buyer, easy trade. KenRael KenRael
KenRael KenRael 05/10/2017 Very nice and easy trade. Even got more than was offered, for the same price! Very generous guy. Thank you! Shadow Dee Shadow Dee
KenRael KenRael 05/07/2017 Easy safe trade with Ken, as always, he even travelled to Cherno to meet me :) MadMcardle MadMcardle
MadMcardle MadMcardle 05/07/2017 Trade went well as always. Always a pleasure doing business. Thank you. KenRael KenRael
KenRael KenRael 04/19/2017 excellent smooth transaction. now go get em Surviv0r Surviv0r
Surviv0r Surviv0r 04/19/2017 Excellent sale, lots of gear. Thank you, Surviv0r. KenRael KenRael
KenRael KenRael 04/17/2017 Always an easy trade with Ken :) MadMcardle MadMcardle
MadMcardle MadMcardle 04/17/2017 Trade completely successfully, and the AKM (my favourite weapon) is now in my possession :) Thank you Mad :) KenRael KenRael
Shady Shady 03/06/2017 Trade was nice and easy. Looking foreward to more. Shadow Dee Shadow Dee
Shadow Dee Shadow Dee 03/06/2017 Excellent Trade, would really recommend to anyone who wants a quick fast trade A+ cheers dude :D Shady Shady
DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming 01/30/2017 Ammo box, good trader as always! MadMcardle MadMcardle
tisho tisho 01/21/2017 Always a pleasure to trade DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming
DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming 01/20/2017 nice as always keep up the work and be around pd where you traded with the hill i left there tisho tisho
tisho tisho 01/20/2017 Trading went well, like always! great trader and enjoy playing with him too! DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming
Hillwood Hillwood 01/20/2017 Decent trader ... little edgy but okay xD DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming
DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming 01/20/2017 He didn't pull a gun on me...... Good mate Hillwood Hillwood
DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming 01/20/2017 Protector Case MadMcardle MadMcardle
MadMcardle MadMcardle 01/20/2017 Quick trade, easy to find and trade went well:) DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming
MadMcardle MadMcardle 01/20/2017 Met within an hour, gave me alil more pay due to some complications with wolves and extra loot, but overall a good trade! DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming
DeathBearGaming DeathBearGaming 01/20/2017 Good deal, helped me kill some wolves too! MadMcardle MadMcardle