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    • 27 January 2018 06:00 PM Until 07:00 PM
      Saturday 13th January - 3rd February at 18:00 GMT
      This is the first tournament within BC, if it proves popular which I hope it will then it will expand and hopefully become a regular source of good, honest PvP action. Please note that all rules are subject to change at a moments notice, as this is the first time doing it we may need to adjust things to make it fairer/better, once we have run this a few times I am sure we can lock down a good set of rules and requirements.
      As this is an in-house tournament priority will go to active members first, if we do not have enough to complete it we will open it up to newer members. As this will be held on our DayZ server obviously there is a NO Vac/game ban rule for anyone taking part.
      The rules:
      Member must not have a Vac/game ban Any form of glitch, hack or anything of a similar nature is strictly prohibited Any 3rd party program or anything of a similar nature that is designed to give a player an advantage is strictly prohibited You MUST be able to record/stream your gameplay of the match from start to finish without interruption If you stream it then the section of the stream with the match in MUST be highlighted/saved to your channel for viewing All recordings or stream highlights MUST be uploaded to the relevant match/tournament report within 24 hours of finishing the match, this is crucial as failure to do so will result in you forfeiting you match regardless if you won or if the other participant(s) questions any foul play. To make it CRYSTAL CLEAR, if you do not upload/link footage of your perspective of the match within 24 hours of finishing the match, you forfeit/lose automatically There are no buy backs or re-entering a tournament if you are eliminated No one else can play for you, there are no substitutions regardless of reasons, if you can't/won't play you forfeit If you cannot connect to the server or lose connection during the match you forfeit If you are late, regardless of the reason, you forfeit Each match will be held at a specific location in Chernarus, you will know where to be prior to the match, you MUST start there or you forfeit Each round/match within the tournament will be held on a Saturday at 18:00 GMT, this will give players one week to rearm/heal if they need to In the event that no one is killed, the first to do damage to their opponent will win If neither player damages the other, you BOTH lose At the end of the day these tournaments are about having fun, good sportsmanship is a must. BC is all about good honest gaming, anyone found to be cheating or antisocial will NOT be invited back. Lets have a laugh, get some nice kills and maybe some good footage too.
      We reserve the rights to edit/amend these rules as we see fit without warning, we can also edit/cancel/remove matches or players without reason. Trying to find/exploit loopholes in the rules will see you removed/banned.
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