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      I am aware that some things are not working, along with our theme, I am working to fix this asap guys but didn't want you waiting anymore. Hang tight soldiers! Mad


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    Has to be my favourite moment of 2017! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/215661308
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    Belated Christmas Presents Hey guys, my ordered christmas presents just arrived today! One is still missing, expected delivery is tomorrow. But I'm really excited about these one's!! @MadMcardle look what I got now!!!!
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    I was watching the stream when you guys were doing this I only saw a few streams so far but I guess I agree it was one of the better moments, mayhem.
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    Congrats @Zipbowl625
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    Just to keep you guys updated, I ran in to several major bugs/issues with updating the site, I am awaiting support but they are not back until tomorrow, I will get things sorted asap but didn't want to keep you from the site anymore!
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    Gave them away lol