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    Holy crap guys, I can now have subs on my channel, will be a long stream tomorrow night with X2 CP another on Friday too, no stream Saturday as I am away but will be celebrating this for quite some time in the channel, I'll be making a emote soon to submit as well and be doing some sub only giveaways! Big thank you to all that support the channel, so hyped about this!!
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    Attention soldiers, June is done and dusted, so lets have a look back on whats been happening this last month in BC. Website Traffic has been up again this month which could possibly be down to the new Gleam giveaway system implemented since the close of Revlo and the recent update to the forum permissions allowing the public to view the majority of our topics and see what we are up to. Again if you are a content creator you really should take advantage of those visits with some promotional adverts of your channels, check the FAQ topic for more information. Unique Visits: 799 Number Of Unique Visits: 1,747 Members We held a Recruitment Drive this month but unfortunately it didn't go that well with only a few new members joining which has made me think about a few changes which I will go in to later in the sitrep, but welcome to the new members none the less Website: 187 Steam Group: 1,102 TeamSpeak A lot of work has gone in to both TS and forum permissions this month including a whole new matrix detailing each rank and the permissions they should have, just to give you some idea of the amount of unique options, there are 48 permissions for each forum rank alone not including TS. The ranks page still needs finishing but overall this has made good progress this month. Donations Overall donations have gone down a lot recently and at this time I am the only active sponsor which is a worry for the future of the community, our software license runs out today and we do not have enough to cover it which will mean we won't have any support if something was to go wrong with the forums now, we have had some donations towards the bringing back of the server which I know everyone is excited about but the forums need some love too guys Donated: £38:00 New Moderator On a brighter side we do have a new mod this month, we all know and love him so join me in saying welcome to the staff team @KenRael and thank you for stepping up and helping out the community, I'm sure you will all agree @KenRael will be a great addition to the team! Changes Incoming So as mentioned last month we closed down the EFT division to concentrate solely on DayZ with the Operations and events etc, but as activity has been low on these I am going to try something different, bringing back EFT and new divisions and changing the rate of operations and events. We are mainly a survival game community, so really we should try and connect with others like ourselves in other games apart from DayZ right? Divisions will be opening for some more games, recruiting new members and hopefully helping the community grow and maybe bringing some other games to our attention that we may not have herd of. With new divisions meaning more work this will impact on events and operations, and as I have already mentioned they have been low on activity as it is anyway, so from July forward operations and events will be monthly not weekly and will be for one of the games we will be supporting. I hope you guys are looking forward to these changes, lets have a good month in July, get some gaming, raise some server and forum money but most of all, HAVE FUN! Until next month Mad
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    If you have any questions about the game post them here guys, I am gathering as much detail as I can and making a database
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    Hey guys, Whilst I am just waiting on some video to render for this weeks video I thought I would share with you some of my experiences from Miscreated so far. As a rule I set myself I do not review games until I hit 100 hours, as I think that is a good amount of time to see most if not all what the game has to offer, depending on the game that is. Well I hit 100 hours in Miscreated in just under two weeks so as you can imagine, I like it quite a lot. So the basics, it's a survival game obviously but with a back story which is quite decent, the PvP can be quite frustrating and take some time to get right but when you start to wipe out 2, 3 or 4+ groups of people you really get a rush, pulling of things like that don't happen every day for me at least anyway. There is a feeling of a good community there, with a lot of people using the in-game Survivotron (radios) and having a chat or some good banter and I have yet to come across someone obviously cheating, although I have seen people try to shoot through the textures in a stream, where they are editing things so they can shoot through walls, but that was only one time. The base building is one thing that I really enjoy in Miscreated, working with fellow community members we have had a few bases, stashing gear and generally having a laugh, you can work together to build it if you give clan permissions to them, but be careful who you trust with that as they can dismantle the whole base with said powers I will have some videos coming out over the next few weeks and am streaming 12 hours a day 4 or 5 times a week at the moment, so stop by and see some of the action as it unfolds. All in all though I think Miscreated is certainly worth the purchase
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    here is the beginning of my base camp outpost. what you don't see is about 15 other barrels full of loot that i need to collect from around the map.. but soon enough... Mission Complete
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    I have some, not the one I want, as I am unable to get on the server at this time... but it will come...
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    To our active and dedicated Tisho We, reposing especial trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage, and good conduct, do by these presents constitute and appoint you to the rank of Corporal May I be the first to congratulate you on your promotion. MadMcardle, General of the Army, [BC] Binary Combat
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    We will achieve it bud, just a matter of when lol
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    Just to be clear now then guys, we will scrap the paid only system and bring back the server for all BC members. Any donations received I will match and we will launch the server when we have £140 raised which will give us a 30 slot server for 3 months, in that time we will need to raise the money again to renew but if we get over that we will us that money to increase the server slots, how does that sound?
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    I put in a pound as I am not able to put more right now - its been a tight month this month
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    Attendees @MadMcardle @KinkyTeddyBear What Happened It was nice to catch up with @KinkyTeddyBear again as he has been away from DayZ being a new daddy and all we met up around old Rify and headed out to explore some of the changes in 0.62, heading in to the new Novodmitrovsk train station and carrying on out west, unfortunately @KinkyTeddyBear did suffer quiet a few game crashes but we didn't let that stop us, it was nice to just meet up and go for a wander. Even though we were on a highly populated server I only ran in to one person whilst @KinkyTeddyBear had gone AFK for a moment, I tried to hold them up but they wouldn't give up their gear, running at me and punching me in the face, so I shot them with my trusty IZH shotgun breaking their legs and finishing them off with a magnum bullet to the face, which was quite satisfying I have to admit Hopefully with the big improvements with 0.62 we will see more members returning to DayZ and the events, it's always a good laugh on a Saturday night!
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    What could be an idea (not sure of plausibility though)... is for the devs to get together, create a transfer engine, so characters could move inter-game, and so have different maps, like immigration
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    Yes... yes I am, I'll have 4 spare alpha keys too
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    1.What are the devs' plan about the game (optimization,game modes,crafting etc.) 2.What is the game's difference from the other survival games?
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    Briefing As mentioned in Junes SitRep Operations will now be on a monthly basis, this was mainly down to low activity in the OP's so hopefully being monthly will give members more time to get involved if they want to. So lets get to it. With the infection spreading like wildfire people have been out on the streets looting everything possible, fighting and even killing people for cans of beans! In order for us to survive we need to setup some outposts that we can retreat to if needed. Top of the list is obviously weapons and ammo, the more of them we have the better, but we will also need to stock up on medical supplies and food. This month you will be setting up and showing us a base/outpost that you have made either by yourself or with other members of BC, join the iZurvive group and mark it on the map too if you like (obviously we will not know the server it is on) and posting up a screenshot of all the goodies you have found as well as a nice shot of the actual camp. As always so we know it is you please type "BC Outpost" in direct chat when you take pictures so we know it is you. We are offering a reward of 1000 CP This operation will automatically close 31.07.17 at 23:00 GMT. A post will be made in this topic when CP has been awarded.
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    With the company of my buddy @Shadow Dee P.S managed to throw my repeater on the roof
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    Yeah it's a good way to work as a team, if you are on your own obviously it doesn't really matter you just shoot everyone lol
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    Thanks for the tip man! Was stupid that we didn't do that. But that's how DayZ is: unforgiving.
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    I can see the pictures bud but that wouldn't tell me if you found ammo etc Remember dude, there is probably 1 other person on the server that is friendly, if you were playing with your brother it was probably him lol one person loot whilst the other does overwatch is the best tactic if playing in pairs I find @tisho you make some bold statements, but this is not true man, he was never going to see DayZ through to the end, he sold his mod to BI which is who develop it. He has his own company making his own games.
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    look after the 3rd picture and you'll see and add 3 revolvers and second repeater which i didnt upload
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    Ah top man, glad it is all sorted
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    Yes, the move... all items transferred, but there has been work to do... it wasn't in the best of states, but looking a whole better after some DIY
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    Yes @KenRael as Operations are now monthly, not weekly
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    Thanks for sharing. Was a good first time on Skalisty island.
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    Cheers man already halfway there lol, another 12 hours tomorrow too
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    yeah this game offers similar to the dayz experience because h1z1 and rust knda dont have that atmosphere good luck with the next 100 hours man
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    im afraid haha soo funny and soo deadly watched few youtubers react but duno i think thats maybe overreaction haha will try whem i get valor to eath this deadly cutie
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    Hello my name is Kieran I'm from the UK. I love to play Dayz/ Gmod/ Miscreated and lots more. I normaly play Dayz I have 800h on it I like to play a hero but can be a bandit when I want to I realy like pvp and like getting into interactions with people. But as I said I'm new so I would love to meet new people in the community and play together hit me up if u want to play ill always be down to play with anyone thanks.
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    its got hard with new update the scavs are OP but they working on them
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    listening gets a motherload
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    This operation sounds pretty fun will have to try and get On board for this one for sure 💪
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    Well done for being selected as Junes Member Of The Month @tisho you deserve this!
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    Excellent points made there my friend and taken on board. I Already have my cables run correctly and out the way so this isint an issue. Thank you for taking the time to put a good post up in reply to my question buddy has helped me alot 👍
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    Oh btw, cable management is important too, make sure they are tucked away so they don't block air flow. In the pic of my system above you can see I made an effort to keep everything as neat as possible.
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    One big misconception people have is that water cooling is silent, it's not. You still have a radiator and fans pushing air through it. If you need six fans something was probably not designed well and usually more fans doesn't equate to more cooling. In fact they may interfere with each other and spoil a good airflow. Basically all you want is plenty of cool air in and plenty of hot air out. This can be achieved with 2 (good) fans. If you use 200 mm fans you can move a lot of air but also keep revolutions down and thus noise levels. I use fans and my system is pretty quiet. Even when I overclock my CPU and GPU the system keeps well below heat thresholds. Of course the fans will spin up when under heavy load and will produce more noise but I generally won't hear it because of in-game sound. I made a diagram of my system a while back to illustrate, see below, Based on the principle that hot air rises, so cool air from below flowing up around components and exhausted at the top). (At the rear I have a 120 mm fan which is not really necessary but it is hooked up to a controller and it spins slow, almost dead silent. Just a little extra exhaust around my CPU and GPU. Of course several components have their own cooling, like the CPU, GPU and PSU. Water cooling is definitely cool (pun intended) but expensive, prone to break downs that stop cooling altogether and thus damaging components, leaks may also cause shorts and damage and in the end it is also not completely silent. The advantage of fans is they are relatively cheap, usually reliable and when one fails the others still work (and the passive heat sinks) and overheating should not occur immediately. I would recommend using 200 mm fans if your systems can accommodate them. You may want to watch this:
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    I commend your optimism
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    No worries @KenRael anything is appreciated, and doubled by me
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    It looks like what DayZ could be....
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    yeah have you see his tweet on ark's new price he told ark was unstable he needs to look at dayz which he has abonded
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    Nice one guys, good to see some teamwork going on! And Skalisty island is usually a good place to loot, did you guys get much?
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    @MadMcardle i look forward to watching some more miscreated from you bud. I bought it while its on sale for $10, figured from what ive seen so far, its good price for underrated game IMO. ill hit you up Monday as im off and we shall see if we can play together, and you can show me the ropes. Cheers mate.
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    good play man keep it that way
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    We have ditched the £1 thing dude as some of our younger members simply would not be able to pay, we accept all donations though no matter the size and I will match any
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    I think it sounds good. But, similar to Ken's situation, I'm not able to donate much right now. In a few weeks or so it should be better though. @tisho are you serious about Steamtrade being your only money-access? I hope not so.
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