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DayZ Server Renewal
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    Combat Points What are Combat Points? CP is a unique points system made for Binary Combat, it has no real money value and can only be earned or found. How do I earn it? You can currently earn it by trading gear in the Black Market or by completing Operations or by watching my stream at or by the stream app on the main forums page. More members are joining the stream team soon and will also be able to offer CP from their streams. Why is it only on your stream? At the moment I am trying to get a regular stream team together to start a team on Revlo, but they ask for a minimum of four streamers that stream 15 hours or more a week each. Where can I find it? Like I said, look and you will see, check the forum, servers and social media accounts, they can pop up anywhere. What can I spend it on? Lots of things, most are still being worked on at the moment, but they include things like ranking up, in-game gear, tournaments, event tickets and giveaways through my stream at I have lots of CP can I sell some? No. Anyone found to be trying to sell Combat Points (CP) for real money will be banned and their details passed on to Bohemia Interactive as it would breach their terms and conditions of selling in-game gear. Can I send some to other members? Yes, it can be sent between members from your accounts. Can I transfer some to/from the stream? You can transfer CP between the stream and the website, want to buy that extra ticket for this weeks giveaway? Transfer some of your CP from the website. Want to rank up but all your CP is stream side? Not a problem just transfer it over. If you would like to transfer CP you can open a support ticket here. What giveaways can I buy tickets for? You can find out what giveaway is live from, they are drawn every Saturday night at the end of the stream but you can purchase tickets anytime in the stream or from the website above, you can buy multiple tickets per giveaway if you want to increase your chances of winning! If you have any other questions about Combat Points (CP) please post them here and I will add them to this guide.
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to bring you up to date with some plans I have for BC as a whole as we near the end of 2017. There will not be any Operations for November or December, the reason for this is as starting a new job I lost a few weeks due to training so was a little behind with things, so I will finish the Venom medal but then start work on new medals and awards to kick off 2018, this way I hope to stay ahead a little should anything else crop up. The website will be updating it's software towards the end of December, there will be some changes and some new things coming, such as Squads and Tournaments, so expect some downtime towards the end of December for this, with the new stuff going live 1st of January 2018. I WILL have all ranks and staff positions finalised with perks/duties assigned by the end of the year. S.O.G. members will have more to it in 2018, you'll want to make sure you have those tags Sponsors packages will be overhauled with new forum specific features, this will no longer include TeamSpeak/Discord channels, it cannot be synced at this time and chasing up channels members should be able to access is pretty time consuming. TeamSpeak will be closing at the end of the year, with Discord being our sole VOIP, more channels and features to follow. Member Of The Month will be more rewarding in 2018. Operations/Events will cycle through divisions, at this time they have mainly been for DayZ. BC Stream Team will officially start in 2018, there will be requirements for this. We will be using our Youtube channel to share members videos from their channels, helping to promote content. All in all, lets enjoy the next few weeks and Christmas, spend some time with family and loved ones and then hit 2018 running!
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    I plan on recording a short promotional video for the server but I need some people to play some parts obviously, some will die but don't worry we will save your gear so you can come back and get it. This will most likely take place on a Wednesday evening so if you are interested in taking part, leave a comment, shouldn't take too long and more details will follow
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    Hey guys, I've finally gotten around to finishing up my latest DayZ video. This one is a fair bit longer than my usual content, but I still hope you enjoy none-the-less! I gladly take feedback, however as I mentioned in the description of the video, there will be parts of the video that are fairly dark. I sadly can't do much about it as it was so dark at those times, that brightening the gameplay doesn't help all that much.
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    Sounds good buddy here to the new year of BC *raises my pint of stella and hands u an orange juice*
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    Id like to say afew words, it may not be about games or any sort of technology, but i wanted to take the time to appreciate my beautiful mrs, she is wonderful! She makes me smile when i need it, she understandable when i play games, and most of all im proud of her for being such an amzing young independent woman and raising our children the right way (instead of these lil fuckers now adays) we may fight and sometimes she gets down and other times i get down, but we still come out on top ^^ never stop giving ur partner the appritiation because one day they may be gone and u will never have the chance to make them truly happy, and if anyone is haveing trouble with anything, we, Binary combat, is always here for a talk “we are not here just for games ya know” (quouted from @MadMcardle) but seriously, we are a family in this community and we stand as one ! (BC) feel free to appriated your partners, friends or even your right hand if need be here !
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    Went to fort borstal, Rochester yesterday, had great fun with the squad! Won all the games and made 9 people leave during it to! Felt alil bad so the squad decided to give them multiple chances to take the lead with 10 seconds movment time, us falling back so they can push (after we cornered then in there base) and even offered for team changes so everyong can be against the squad
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    When your tying to sort some gear out and some geared guys stroll by...
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    Nice one! Wish i was there cant wait to do more runs
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    sounds good man. I'll try to hop on as many streams from Mad as possible. I'll be on tonight for example.
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    @Shadow Dee ye i really want the game but like i said in the stream i got my pc but now dont have alot of cash to buyy the game im going to seel some trash i dont need and get the game and hopefully watch some more of your streams
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    Yeah it was pretty good @.:Msk:. Mute as far as I was involved, I'm enjoying this game alot myself recently. Was definitely worth the pay.
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    awww wish i watched the stream earlier im going to get this game hopefully the stream last night was dope
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    @DeathBearGaming I know you wanted to see this! Watch Them Damn Hatchlings from MadMcardle on
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    Hey mike, We have a Discord. There we have a member-only chat-room in Barracks called "looking_to_play". Be sure to check it out. When you're in our Discord make sure to hit me, or another online Mod, up to give you the permissions of a member.
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    Do we have a generic team speak to join so we can find players to play games with ? cheers mike
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    Another great SR! And big congratz to our fellow @TikTac'tical for his community feature! You really did an amazing job with that one. > TikTac's video <
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    Just was on my break at 3am at work .. as u do and was thinking about the website and all... as your very busy with the long lists the streams and work i was just thinking if mods had a more interaction sorta thing, like if they knew how to make medals, or add ranks sorta thing, might give you more leeway too and take stuff off ur list, was just a thought, unless u obviously wanna stick to what ur doing
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    There are certainly more staff positions, administrators and division officers are the next ones coming, then right up the top is the JCOS, Joint Chief of Staff, like a council of co-leaders. We're quite far off from that at the moment though lol.
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    I think I can safely say the same as @MadMcardle But I have a few very good ideas. When implemented, I bet you'll like it.
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    I would be lying if I said I was anywhere near complete but it looks great! my head
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    Hope everything is going well for this @MadMcardle @Shadow Dee, 100 on the table ^^ just under two months left!
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    thats real carp i really want this server to become popular and active with events and raids, but if no one is willing to put the effort in even if its not the server you play on its going to make it really hard to even to get the video out even if you dont like the server and have dayz on steam just help us out not for me for the server and bc, and maybe by .63 we can bring back dayz....
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    title says it all iv e got svd with 3 mags and ammo up for sale
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    Just to let you know guys I need to finish off the medal, shouldn't be long but the new job training put me behind a bit.
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    ^^ Squad name: Infidels my squad section: TIC3 (team infidel charlie 3) Callsign: Death Camo: ATT - all terrain tiger me: black shirt, tan m4 and lid, ocasional hair on show, bottom left of squad pictures ^^
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    So I got some of the new items in a run today, and we get some new things from the reset too, Scavs are definitely getting better too hiding in unusual spots waiting for you, lots of fun!
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    @.:Msk:. Mute @Sealsy @=NL= Thanks alot for your support guys. I really want to get this server going too, although I recently don't find much time to play myself due to work. But I greatly prefer to have our own private server when playing. That's just awesome! And I think aswell that a nice short promotional video could really help get people playing. Or at least to spark interest. Not sure when @MadMcardle plans to record the footage tho. How much actors do you plan to include actually? If the time and date is right (!), we would have on board: @DeathBearGaming @ScyPirate @TikTac'tical @.:Msk:. Mute @Sealsy @=NL= and me. 7 possible actors, as one is the cameraman.
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    I really like the videos your are putting out. Good quality, I really like the map transitions. Keep it up the great work
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    Good news all around! Really excited bout it.
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    Lol thanks princess!
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    Some really juicy info this week guys, hardcore mode confirmed!
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    hello ,been whitelisted years ago but now i cant somehow login anymore,can i get new whitelist entry please
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    Fort armour for sale, 450cp??
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    For what I was wanting to do we need a minimum of 4, not including me as I would be recording, but more people would make it so much better and easier.
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    yeah man im in if needed
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    Can I just get a quick confirmation of who can make Sunday? So far I just have me and NL lol
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    If some of those who join sunday will post their outfits I can try to match.
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    I have 8 strips now so if you indeed have 4 we can make a suit. 1 more netting and we can also make a gun wrap. I don't have a SVD but I do have AKM with suppressor and PSO scope, or Winchester with hunting scope, which do you want me to bring? (or both) What kind of outfit are you looking for? One of the outfits below, or maybe more camo, or rather a geared civilian?
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    ANd if need be i can record if its the week im not at the mrs and send u over the footage
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    happy to help i have nothing anyway lol