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  1. returning??(my explanation)

    since i may've been blocked everywhere @MadMcardle im left with no other choice than to communicate with you this way that was me on discord i don't know why i did it it was stupid and i want to become clear about my leaving i left because of school(i had to study for an important exam) lucky tried to convince to join his group but i didnt just left the binary and was alone nothing more i joined the discord and tried to think of a way to get your attention and try to talk to you but since i didnt think twice i did the bullsh*t with the new guy and since i left you with the impression of joining in another group i didnt knew you would like to write you since you wanted to remove any ways i had to communicate with you my exams are now finished and i will be active not every day but at least 3 times on a week pm me on steam i havent block you like i said to you i still follow you (content and steam profile) this means i havent given up on the binary so if you think there is still a place for me try to contact me
  2. [COMPLETE] Operation: PD Lockdown

    oh ok i thought it was some place in dayz named by the community LOL
  3. there are many things left from the time when we played only dayz but this is actually an important one to be in its own division great idea
  4. did another 3 matches didnt improve my skill but i managed to buy some clothes from the market to look like a real man + some rust skins
  5. Jumped out of the plane somewhere in the middle of the map,found a full mag for AKM,next house shotgun(7 rounds) and a pistol(15 rounds).Unfortunately,i went to a double red house and i heard footsteps i tried to kill the player but the recoil was to hard to control.That was my first match
  6. [COMPLETE] Operation: PD Lockdown

    one question what is and where is Haywood
  7. [COMPLETE] Operation: Outpost

    current i think
  8. Game Info #2 | Dead Matter

    i watched it when you took a break on thee stream i like the idea zombies become slower over time
  9. Dayz 0.63 W.I.P + animations

    ok sorry
  10. TeamSpeak or Discord?

    Discord-able to send photos,GIFs,videos etc,server picture can be attacheted TeamSpeak-Excellent Voice Quality Discord Wins!!!! (I use mostly Skype so im not familiar with TS and Discord so sorry if i've missed anything)
  11. Dead Matter

    ok tnx for the response
  12. Dead Matter

    what is the devs' history anyone with previous experience?
  13. Dead Matter

    1.What are the devs' plan about the game (optimization,game modes,crafting etc.) 2.What is the game's difference from the other survival games?
  14. Looting Skalisty

    the ammo was provided by @Shadow Dee best .357 on the market and about the statement sorry my information was wrong