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  • Ranks

    BC has a custom made ranking system that rewards community involvement but at the same time tries to keep it fair so that all members regardless of rank can enjoy everything we have to offer. What we mean by this, lets take TeamSpeak for example, that is for all members to use but if you were to rank up within BC, you may get permission to make your own channel or use the whisper function. So we are trying to find a good balance of base permissions for all members, with added extras from those that are active.

    Let me make it clear that ranks are there as an indication of a members dedication, being of a higher rank gives you no authority over someone else, we are ALL equals. The ranks system is currently a WIP so it may change until we have something we are happy with, so don't be upset if you lose a permission here and there, you may gain some too.

    If you wish to rank up you will need to have achieved the previous rank first, for example to become a Specialist you must have been a Private and Private First Class before you can progress. You can rank up by opening a support ticket.

  • Enlisted

    This is the default rank when joining BC

    This is where everyone starts in BC, you will have very limited permissions on both the forum and TeamSpeak, this is a security precaution to prevent spam or bots joining, once you have 3 posts approved by a moderator you will automatically be promoted to the rank of Recruit.


    Can access site
    Search flood control: 3 seconds
    Can edit profile information
    Animated profile photos allowed
    Conversations per day: 2
    PM storage: 3
    Reputation per day: 1
    Can upload attachments to posts
    Posts must be approved by a moderator


    Can access TeamSpeak
    Can join Briefing Room channel
    Can join AFK channel
    Can be moved by rank Recruit or above

  • Recruit by MadMcardle.png

    3 Approved Posts

    What games do you play? What’s your playstyle? Tell us about yourself in our Introductions forum

    Permission Increases/Changes:

    Can upload cover photos to profile
    Conversations per day: 5
    Up to 3 members per message
    PM storage: 10
    Reputation per day: 3
    Can vote in polls
    Can use tags in posts
    Can edit posts up to 5 minutes later
    Can report content
    Can leave feedback on the Black Market


    Can access Looking For A Squad/Group
    Can access Operation Comms
    Can access Event Channel
    Can move Enlisted members
    Can be moved by rank Private or above

  • private.png

    100 CP

    Join us on GameTracker to get some easy CP

    Permission Increases/Changes:

    Can use signatures:

    1 image at 420 x 120

    Conversations per day: 10
    Up to 5 members per message
    PM storage: 20
    Reputation per day: 5
    Can post status updates


    Can move ranks Recruit or below
    Can be moved by rank Private First Class or above

  • private-first-class.png

    Private First Class
    250 CP

    Complete an in-game Operation to help achieve this

    Permission Increases/Changes:

    Can use signatures:

    1 link added

    PM storage: 30
    Reputation per day: 10


    Can move ranks Private or below
    Can be moved by rank Specialist or above

  • specialist.png

    1000 CP

    Trade some in-game gear on our Black Market for extra CP

  • corporal.png

    1500 CP

    Join MadMcardles Stream for some extra CP

  • seargent.png
    2000 CP

    Trade gear, complete Operations and check out a few streams and this shouldn't be difficult to achieve

    Permission Increases/Changes:

    PM Storage: Increased to 75
    Signature: Additional link
                   Additional line of text

  • staff-seargent.png

    Staff Sergeant
    2250 CP

    Every time you host an event you get a 500 CP reward, which could help rank up here

    Permission Increases/Changes:

    PM Storage: Increased to 100
    Coupon: 10% off anything in the BC store (single item transaction)

  • seargent-first-class.png

    Sergeant First Class
    750 CP

    An easier promotion is well deserved for getting this far

  • master-seargent.png

    Master Sergeant
    1000 CP

    You are now only four ranks away from being an officer!

  • first-seargent.png

    First Sergeant
    1250 CP


  • seargent-major.png

    Sergeant Major
    1000 CP