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Shadow Dee

Travel as lone wolf

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My current travel as a lone wolf
(private hive)

I spawned in the grass fields north of Berezino, searched the garages (1) for goods and went on towards Khelm, to the campsite left of Khelm (2).
After looting this place and killing one Infected there I moved on to the top of the hill (3) north of the campsite. Was quite the view from up there.
From there I went to the NEAF going through the big house (4) and moved on to the small military camp in the woods (5) to kill another Infected and find some loot.
After that I bashed through the forest in north direction towards the very west part of Novodmitrovsk.
There I killed and grilled a chicken (6) and went through the residential buildings for loot.
I moved on to Svergino still looting the houses and killing a rooster to eat.
There was also a grocery store with a parking lot which I had to give a try. And it was worth the look.
In the trunk of one car I found a Mosin with a PU-scope (7), and other things in the other cars.
I also had to kill two more infected including a Dean, whose Kiwi was consumed afterwards.
From there on I moved up north a little into a small shed where I then stopped for the day (8).



Infected: 4
Chicken/Rooster: 2


Here are all the screenshots from the map above and some more in full resolution.





Sticky calender won't fall off, if your desk flips over. Handy.


Bashing through the forest. Fast.


A weapon in the grocery store? Gross.




And here's all the loot I found and kept throughout this trip.





This is not on a public server though, it's the same where Mad and I got killed by these germans.
The trip began with the respawn after this death.
And I really enjoyed it so far.


See you in Chernarus.

Your Shadow ...



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- INFO -

This trip won't be continued due to several character wipes after recent updates.


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Cool story man! And I really loved the artwork you had up at the top there, with the path you took and such! Really nicely done



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Thanks man, really appreciate it!
Thought this was a good idea as addition to the story. ;)


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I always love your posts Shadow as you out so much effort and detail in to them, hence why I asked you to become a mod, I really appreciate all the work you put in to BC ;) 



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