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Buzz's Mini Mart

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*~*~**~*~*~*~* Buzz's Mini Mart  *~*~**~*~*~*~*

Hey folks, got my Mini Mart back and Open for Buziness again! here are screen shots of whats available. 

*if your looking for anything specific, let me know as while im out looting for the Mart, id be happy to scoop it up. :D

-I also have 2 more M4's loaded out with Ghillie wraps as well.  15+   60rnd stanags full 

-All weapons come with at least a box/or equivalent of ammo if not more, and a mag full of ammo as well.

-Prices vary in CP, make an offer for any or all of it, we will negotiate CP pricing and/or trades.

-All is on public servers so should be easy enough to meet up. Typically Around Green Mountain area. Hit me lemme know what you need.:ph34r:












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@MadMcardle 1 of the M4's is yours Guaranteed Brother.. i do in fact have a PSO-1-1 on me currently, ill check what the other is when i get back to base, just fixing up a hatchback at the moment, and i cant find a F*ing spark plug within 30 minute radius of vehicle. need it so i can start transporting base of Ops to new location. SO @Shadow Dee if you have a Spark plug, thats worth its wait in gold to me at this point.  

20170522105551_1  333333.jpg

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I'm just calculating item values to give you a reasonable offer. ;)
When I'm finished with that I will show you what I have and what I want.

Btw: You might not have noticed but I have a real-time changing profile image which shows my current DayZ in-game appearance on public.

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Trade offer

This is my trade offer for you.
Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts and possible changes on it.
Or if I got something wrong.
I'm open for negotiation.




Here's what I have in screenshots:



Let me know what you think about it.

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Nice work dude! It would make it a lot easier if you did a topic for each item though, members can see exactly what you have and for how much, will also help in keeping track of what is sold and what you still have as well as leaving accurate feedback.

Yes it takes a little while longer to setup, but it's worth it in the long run :)

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