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Shadow Dee

DayZ fanart // Survivor Camp

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Survivor Camp

A lone survivor carefully approaching and watching a camp of strangers who are holding his friend captive for no reason. 
Feel free to add your own story ideas or further development for this scene.

As I was examining my screenshot gallery I stumbled upon one particular image of which I immediately wanted to create a fanart. 
So here it is. 
Hope you enjoy.

Here is the original screenshot which I used in this artwork: 
And here's a small GIF: 
Elements like the mosin, the cars and the characters are from in-game footage. 
Other additional elements like foliage are stockphotos. 
Shading, colour-correction, campfire/car-smoke and postprocessing were entirely done by me. 
The aim was to practice photobashing, shade&blend and also storytelling.

Constructive feedback and criticism is highly appreciated. ;)


Approaching at nighttime. Final edit.

Waiting at daytime. Alternative edit.

Original screenshot.

A GIF for fun.


See you all in Chernarus.

Your Shadow ...


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