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0.62 Exploration

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What Happened

It was nice to catch up with @KinkyTeddyBear again as he has been away from DayZ being a new daddy and all :D we met up around old Rify and headed out to explore some of the changes in 0.62, heading in to the new Novodmitrovsk train station and carrying on out west, unfortunately @KinkyTeddyBear did suffer quiet a few game crashes but we didn't let that stop us, it was nice to just meet up and go for a wander.

Even though we were on a highly populated server I only ran in to one person whilst @KinkyTeddyBear had gone AFK for a moment, I tried to hold them up but they wouldn't give up their gear, running at me and punching me in the face, so I shot them with my trusty IZH shotgun breaking their legs and finishing them off with a magnum bullet to the face, which was quite satisfying I have to admit :P

Hopefully with the big improvements with 0.62 we will see more members returning to DayZ and the events, it's always a good laugh on a Saturday night!

10.06.17 Stream Screenshot 2017-06-11 00-00-00.png10.06.17 Stream Screenshot 2017-06-11 00-01-30.png10.06.17 Stream Screenshot 2017-06-11 00-01-50.png10.06.17 Stream Screenshot 2017-06-11 00-02-39.png

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