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Situation Report: June

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Attention soldiers,

June is done and dusted, so lets have a look back on whats been happening this last month in BC.


Traffic has been up again this month which could possibly be down to the new Gleam giveaway system implemented since the close of Revlo and the recent update to the forum permissions allowing the public to view the majority of our topics and see what we are up to. Again if you are a content creator you really should take advantage of those visits with some promotional adverts of your channels, check the FAQ topic for more information.

Unique Visits: 799
Number Of Unique Visits: 1,747


We held a Recruitment Drive this month but unfortunately it didn't go that well with only a few new members joining which has made me think about a few changes which I will go in to later in the sitrep, but welcome to the new members none the less :)

Website: 187
Steam Group: 1,102


A lot of work has gone in to both TS and forum permissions this month including a whole new matrix detailing each rank and the permissions they should have, just to give you some idea of the amount of unique options, there are 48 permissions for each forum rank alone not including TS. The ranks page still needs finishing but overall this has made good progress this month.


Overall donations have gone down a lot recently and at this time I am the only active sponsor which is a worry for the future of the community, our software license runs out today and we do not have enough to cover it which will mean we won't have any support if something was to go wrong with the forums now, we have had some donations towards the bringing back of the server which I know everyone is excited about but the forums need some love too guys ;)

Donated: £38:00

New Moderator

On a brighter side we do have a new mod this month, we all know and love him so join me in saying welcome to the staff team @KenRael and thank you for stepping up and helping out the community, I'm sure you will all agree @KenRael will be a great addition to the team!

Changes Incoming

So as mentioned last month we closed down the EFT division to concentrate solely on DayZ with the Operations and events etc, but as activity has been low on these I am going to try something different, bringing back EFT and new divisions and changing the rate of operations and events.

We are mainly a survival game community, so really we should try and connect with others like ourselves in other games apart from DayZ right? Divisions will be opening for some more games, recruiting new members and hopefully helping the community grow and maybe bringing some other games to our attention that we may not have herd of.

With new divisions meaning more work this will impact on events and operations, and as I have already mentioned they have been low on activity as it is anyway, so from July forward operations and events will be monthly not weekly and will be for one of the games we will be supporting.

I hope you guys are looking forward to these changes, lets have a good month in July, get some gaming, raise some server and forum money but most of all, HAVE FUN!

Until next month ;)


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