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Miscreated, First 100 hours

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Hey guys,

Whilst I am just waiting on some video to render for this weeks video I thought I would share with you some of my experiences from Miscreated so far. As a rule I set myself I do not review games until I hit 100 hours, as I think that is a good amount of time to see most if not all what the game has to offer, depending on the game that is. Well I hit 100 hours in Miscreated in just under two weeks so as you can imagine, I like it quite a lot.

So the basics, it's a survival game obviously but with a back story which is quite decent, the PvP can be quite frustrating and take some time to get right but when you start to wipe out 2, 3 or 4+ groups of people you really get a rush, pulling of things like that don't happen every day for me at least anyway. There is a feeling of a good community there, with a lot of people using the in-game Survivotron (radios) and having a chat or some good banter and I have yet to come across someone obviously cheating, although I have seen people try to shoot through the textures in a stream, where they are editing things so they can shoot through walls, but that was only one time.

The base building is one thing that I really enjoy in Miscreated, working with fellow community members we have had a few bases, stashing gear and generally having a laugh, you can work together to build it if you give clan permissions to them, but be careful who you trust with that as they can dismantle the whole base with said powers ;)

I will have some videos coming out over the next few weeks and am streaming 12 hours a day 4 or 5 times a week at the moment, so stop by and see some of the action as it unfolds.

All in all though I think Miscreated is certainly worth the purchase :) 

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yeah this game offers similar to the dayz experience because h1z1 and rust knda dont have that atmosphere

good luck with the next 100 hours man ;) 

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@MadMcardle i look forward to watching some more miscreated from you bud. I bought it while its on sale for $10, figured from what ive seen so far, its good price for underrated game IMO. ill hit you up Monday as im off and we shall see if we can play together, and you can show me the ropes. Cheers mate. 

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