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Dayz Parkour

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Many people have been wondering if the infected can climb wall,gates and all kinds of objects is it possible that the players can climb too well this video makes you think they can P.S. not sure if this was the right place to post move it if it isnt


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Ey thanks for sharing @tisho!
Didn't know this was a thing.

About parkour in DayZ, I'd totally love it!
As much as I'd love to have it implemented, I'm sure we'll not be seeing a parkoursystem as advanced as in Dying Light or Mirror's Edge.
It would be so awesome! But I think they'll leave it at vaulting and climbing fences and small sheds.
From what I've seen in the Player features diagram from the SR June 27 they got already a big player matrix planned which I already really like.
And there's climbing/vaulting mentioned. :D

I just can't wait for BETA!

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