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Situation Report: July

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Attention soldiers,

July has been and gone, with some good updates in games and a new division has been added, it's been a good month!


The total unique visits each month is on the rise which is always good, not doing so well on new members but hopefully that will change in the future, it would be great to hit 200 members this month. What we really need is more reasons to come back and check in on the community, there are some things in the pipeline but until we have renewed our software we won't be able to implement them, and at the moment we only have £12 of the £60 needed, so raising that is going to be a priority now.

Unique Visits: 995
Number Of Unique Visits: 1,894


We've had a few new members on the website this month, down a few on the Steam Group but upholding our zero tolerance on cheating probably has an impact on that, but quality over quantity right? I will be tackling recruitment myself this month, and we now have a new position Recruitment Assistant (RA) for those wishing to step up and join the staff team.

Website: 191
Steam Group: 1,100

TeamSpeak & Discord

Nothing much to report here, TS permissions should all be working fine now if you have any issues please PM me. On another note, I have started a Discord server, so be sure to stop by there if you use it.


i just want to say thank you to those that have donated this month, I understand that not everyone is in the position to do so but it keeps us ticking over and moving forward towards achieving those goals. Remember our sponsor packages start at as little as £2.50 on a monthly basis and include some additional permissions.

Donated: £20.00


If you remember last month we changed the operations from weekly to monthly, which I believe has been better for the community and I'm able to give them more of a backstory/setting which is also nice. With our new divisions we will be alternating the operations to cover a different division each month, so be sure to make a not of that, this month it is for Miscreated.

Lets make August a month to remember!




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