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Hello all, im thinking of running a new competition for my channel, if you know how to create intros or even if you wanna try to make one that ill be using for my YouTube intros, the intro must include:

The Name: DeathBearGaming

The logo: profile pic (or if your good you can create another one along those lines, may give you extra brownie points

Cant be to long

if a theme is added it has to be either survival or horror types (maybe both??? im up for creativity)

CAN NOT be taken off someone else, needs to be unique

I may be running these competition every 6 months or every 12 months, during this period the intro will not change until a knew winner is chosen

!!! PRIZE !!! 

 50.00 Pounds

(might not be alot atm but prizes may vary in future or even new release games)

Must have a decent amount of people to make this compition active so share away!! may not even need to be from binary

thank you and good luck


Competition end: Not decided

Edited by DeathBearGaming

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