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Hello All

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Hello Everyone, 

I came across this group because i saw a tweet from @MadMcardle and it was replied to by @BetaEFT I was interested by his original tweet about being sick of playing alone on Tarkov and the group looked interesting as well. 

I am from the UK and i work as a Data Centre Engineer. I work shifts so i will have afk period when i am on nights or a block of shifts. Usually on in the evenings most of the time. 

I have a huge collection of games i like to play. Escape From Tarkov (of course), Arma 3, Dayz, Stellaris, Warframe, GTAV, EVE Online, Elite Dangerous. BF1. List could go on. Mainly focusing on EFT and a few other games recently. 

Not sure what else to say except feel free to add me on steam and i will be more than willing to game with people. 



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Hey @<F00L>Lordswift!
Welcome to our community. :D

Most members, just like me, play alot of different games as well, but in the community we focus on hardcore survival multiplayer games just like DayZ and EFT.
For those games we have separate forum divisions with their own subforums, blackmarkets for trading ingame gear with our community currency Combat Points (CP) or gear, and also unique operations with .
Be sure to check out all information topics in those divisions for more details.

Looking forward to get some games together sometime. ;)

INFO: For any questions that may arise be sure to PM @MadMcardle our founder and admin or a Mod like me.

Hope you'll enjoy it here just like the rest of us!

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